Retrospective of the actions of the UBIPHARM Foundation

Published June 27, 2016


The UBIPHARM Foundation, created in 2010, started its activities with donations of medical equipment (19 dialysis generators) for the CHU of Cocody in Ivory Coast.

The Foundation is at the initiative of the construction of a school building of 270 m2 with two rooms, one for conference and one for multimedia, for the benefit of high school Thomas Sankara in Congo.


A donation of specialized equipment to the socio-medical center "KEUR OUMOUL MOUMINA" at the hospital "Silence" and at the association of haemophiliac in Senegal.


The drilling of a well, the construction of a rural dispensary and the housing of a nurse were made in Burkina Faso.

Equipment of textbooks and books of all kinds for a library of a poor neighborhood near the capital and another inside the country to give more chance to people to have access to books in Ivory Coast.

The staff of Planetpharma participated in this action by donating books. The French Red Cross of Normandy has among the collection of more than a ton of books.

In Guyana: AMAPO project: Purchase of a car for delivery and pick up of goods. Participation in the development of several books: a book from the educational research center, a book from the garden of Creole medicinal plants (with the collaboration of the research and development institute). Participation in the symposium on medicinal and creole plants.

Nine fountains were created. One in each prefecture of Togo to cover all populations lacking water.

The Foundation supported the CARMA project in Cameroon in the fight against motality by delivering 10 incubators to the Ministery of Health to be distributed in 10 health centers.


In Gabon: Donation of two minilabs and a set of reagents in the fight against falsified medicines.


Donation to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Félix Houphouet Boigny University on the occasion of the quarantine, a laboratory of pharmaceutical practices, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Creation of the headquarters of an NGO working for the fight against cancer in Niger.

Rehabilitation of two amphitheatres of the mixed faculty of medicine and pharmacy of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar in Senegal.


Donation of a dialysis kit and accessories to the G point university center in Mali which has helped to enhance the technical platform of the facility and facilitate the care of dialysis patients.