Vaccination and RDT trainings in Guadeloupe

Published November 4, 2020

In a tense context given the spread of COVID-19, pharmacists want to be prepared for the flu season in the Caribbean. To confront the winter calmly, UBIPHARM Guadeloupe organized last September theoretical and practical training on the vaccination process and the Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Test (RDT) angina. Thus, pharmacists learned how to take saliva samples from the amygdala necessary for RDT angina, and were therefore ready to vaccinate their patients from October 13, 2020, date of the start of the flu vaccination campaign in France and French overseas departments and regions.

With their new roles, pharmacists may be able to vaccinate patients and perform rapid tests for angina in pharmacies to determine the viral or bacterial origin of the flu. These new prerogatives are intended to relieve congestion in the offices of nurses and doctors in France and its overseas department and regions, who are in great demand during this period.

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This initiative, granted in partnership with Caminade Conseil, has made it possible to train around thirty pharmacists in Guadeloupe.