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UbiPharm : a group
of pharmacist-shareholders

Access to healthcare for all cannot be considered as a simple duty. It’s a fundamental obligation, a conviction that we hold and share with all the stakeholders in our sector. 

At UbiPharm, we believe in the need to support all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector to evolve towards a new distribution model that is more efficient, more effective, more innovative and more sustainable. 

Since day one, we have brought together several generations of pharmacists, based on an innovative pharmacist-shareholder model. 

We are proud to support pharmaceutical companies in distributing and deploying healthcare solutions to pharmacists in Africa and Overseas France. We share our sense of ethics with them and our commitment to constantly advance the best practices of sustainable distribution. 

We are also proud to work together and continue our mission to facilitate access to healthcare solutions, education and a better life in general. Plain and simple. 

And above all, we are proud to maintain our independence and to promote the economic fabric of Africa and Overseas France to further advance the development of the countries where we operate.

Because health care cannot wait, it is our daily concern.

Our origins

The UbiPharm group was founded 30 years ago by African pharmacists whose aim was to control and secure the medicine distribution chain in Africa. Today, we meet all commercial needs for pharmaceutical products in the countries where we operate. How do we achieve this? Thanks to all of our subsidiaries and through an efficient and innovative logistics system. As a result, we are now a strategic partner of the pharmaceutical industry and an essential link in the distribution of medicine in Africa

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A unique model

Every day, we unite thousands of pharmacists based on an innovative customer-shareholder model to establish mutually beneficial relationships and create growth for all involved. This network comprising over 3,800 pharmacist-shareholders represents a unique model. It has one purpose: to ensure the proximity, availability and supply of high-quality healthcare solutions.

Every day, our vast experience gained in distribution makes us more efficient, more innovative and more ethical.

Every day, we help to further the development of the countries where we operate and promote the economic development of Africa and Overseas France worldwide.

One Group, five business lines

Working with the UbiPharm group means benefitting from the strength of a network, an organisation and its teams. Our objective is to grow with our partners, while upholding our values and ethics. Today, the UbiPharm group has two distribution centres in France and 18 pharmaceutical dispensing companies located in Africa and France’s overseas departments and territories.

Through its local and core subsidiaries such as PlanetPharma, UbiPharm has five distinct business lines, making it a fully integrated group: 

One Group
five business lines


Our highly-efficient, rapidly expanding network is currently operating in 18 territories, delivering to 5,000 pharmacies on a daily basis, with more than 15,000 products in our catalogue


Pharmaceutical laboratories wishing to outsource their logistics management find a key partner in PlanetPharma, a subsidiary of the UbiPharm group.


With 200,000m2 of warehouse space, part of which is robot-operated, we ensure speed, security and full traceability for our customers, guaranteeing quality on-time delivery.

Pharmaceutical depot

We ensure the continuous supply of medicines to pharmacies and medical institutions in order to prevent any stock shortages.


We have a team of 400 medical and pharmaceutical representatives who promote health products, based on their proven expertise in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

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in figures (2020)

Business lines
  • 38 companies in operation, including 17 wholesaler-distributors
  • 5 core business lines
  • Distribution to over 5,000 pharmacies
  • 200,000m² of storage space
  • 14 locations in Africa and 4 in France's overseas departments and territories
  • Nearly 3,500 containers transported by sea/year
  • 1,200 tonnes of air freight/year
  • 100% of wholesale companies owned by pharmacists
  • Over 3 800 pharmacist-shareholders (all subsidiaries combined)

€882 million in sales in 2020, of which

West Africa 52% 19% 14% 1% mainland France Madagascar and Rwanda Central Africa Overseas France
Afrique de l?Ouest France Métropolitaine Madagascar + Rwanda Afrique Centrale DROM 52% 19% 14% 14% 1%
Human resources
  • Close to 1,780 employees across 3 continents

of employees on permanent contracts


under 45 years old


of the Board of Directors chaired by women

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New markets with UbiPharm Development

As the name implies, this entity’s mission is to lead the UbiPharm group's plan for expansion into new countries and to further its development. Its goal is to establish the UbiPharm group as a major player in Africa and Overseas France in the distribution of medicines and parapharmaceutical products. To this end, the UbiPharm Development structure is responsible for building the Group's operational capacities in new markets and expanding our approach of experience-sharing to new partners.