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A group proud to
promote healthcare

The Group’s mission

Our mission is to facilitate access to healthcare solutions throughout the world. How do we achieve this? By innovating on a daily basis to transform existing distribution and dispensing models for healthcare solutions and to facilitate their access in Africa and Overseas France.

The UbiPharm vision

We believe that making health accessible to all must be the priority of every stakeholder involved in the creation and distribution of healthcare solutions. More than a duty, it’s an obligation, a conviction that we hold and want to share with all the stakeholders in our sector.

The SPICE values

These five fundamental values are what drive and unite the UbiPharm teams. We uphold, embody and share these values in all of our actions, whether in-house or with our external stakeholders.

SPICE values

Satisfaction of customers

Every day, we do more than just respond to our customers' requests. We listen to them, understand their expectations and are able to anticipate their needs.


Being partners means being able to rely on one another. It’s about growing together. It means moving forward in the same direction by sharing the same values.


We are inquisitive and bold by nature. Innovation has been flowing through our veins since day one. In this way, we can always remain one step ahead to anticipate change, create new solutions and improve performance.


Building a relationship of trust over the long term involves concrete actions and strong commitments. These factors provide tangible proof of our reliability and transparency towards our pharmacist-shareholders, our employees and all our partners.

Engagement in society

We aim to make health accessible to all, while upholding our ethical, ecological and human commitments. These values guide our decisions and actions on a daily basis.