Quality Security Environment


The UBIPHARM Group demonstrates transparency in all their commercial processes and certifies their commitment to regulatory conformance and "good conduct" in all their operations.

Values and Ethics

The Ubipharm Group only works with professionals or external negotiating partners who respect all the economic, legal and deontological rules of commerce and the profession.

What gives the UBIPHARM Group their force is their capacity to inculcate the Group's philosophy in all their employees. On a daily basis, each member of the personnel demonstrates respect and commitment to the tasks entrusted to them. 

Approved Economic Operator

PLANETPHARMA's competence, professionalism and rigour in service quality earned them the status of Approved Economic Operator (OEA) awarded by the French Customs in 2012. This status, which is internationally recognized, helps to facilitate exchanges and to improve the security of the flow of goods entering or exiting the European Union.