UbiPharm was celebrating its inspiring women ! 01 | 01

Posted on May 4, 2023

UbiPharm was celebrating
its inspiring women !

On April 7, the UbiPharm Group hosted an exciting webinar on "Inspiring Women: Celebrating Their Achievements and Impact within the Group." This event brought together women and men from the Company to celebrate the achievements of remarkable women within the company.

The webinar was hosted by two inspiring women: Ms. Ntsame Obame, Group CFO and CFO of the Gabonese subsidiary, and Ms. Liban, CFO of UbiPharm Guadeloupe. During the video conference, Ms. Ntsame Obame spoke about her career in the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting the challenges she faced as a woman to advance her career. Ms. Liban, for her part, explained that juggling a career and a personal life is not always easy, but that being organized and having a strong support network can help you find a balance.

The sharing of experiences by these two accomplished pharmacists was a source of inspiration for the employees present.