Pink October: Les Foulées du Ruban Rose in Guadeloupe 01 | 01

Posted on November 3, 2023

Pink October:
Les Foulées du Ruban Rose in Guadeloupe

On the morning of Sunday, October 8, Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe was transformed into a vast terrain of solidarity, health and awareness during the second annual Foulées du Ruban Rose. The event, organized by the eponymous association, brought together 2,500 participants, including 28 UbiPharm Guadeloupe employees and partner pharmacists, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UbiPharm Guadeloupe, Mr. Abdoulaye TRAORÉ. The famous Miss & Mister Guadeloupe were also present, accompanied by a troupe of dancers.

The month of October is designated worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Pink October campaign mobilizes the general public in the fight against the disease. It was in this spirit that Les Foulées du Ruban Rose was born. The initiative aims to boost awareness and prevention of breast cancer, while supporting those affected by the disease.

The picturesque running course offered a great opportunity to mix sport, awareness and solidarity. Participants were all united in wearing the Pink Ribbon, the international symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Congratulations to the 4 people in the TOP25 out of 2,500 !

11th - Henry Trobor

15th - Nathalie Bechet 

21st - Pierrot Xavier 

23rd - Aurélie Hira

All runners were grateful for the many words of encouragement they received during the event. Many thanks to all participant !