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Posted on December 1, 2021

UbiPharm reveals its ambitions for the future
through a new identity

In order to face the challenges of tomorrow, UbiPharm enters a new era and reveals its new positioning and its new visual identity.

On the eve of their 30th anniversary, the UbiPharm group is looking towards the future under a new identity, incarnating its contribution to the world of tomorrow, which is to facilitate access to health solutions in Africa and French territories overseas.

The Group's new ambitions, supported by its new identity, reside in its desire to be the human partner of the pharmaceutical sector, constantly innovating to transform the distribution and dispatching models of healthcare solutions.

Thanks to its presence in 19 countries, UbiPharm is committed to being the partner of reliability to assist institutions in their healthcare deployments and to make the African and the Overseas departments and regions of France economic fabric shine.

To tell the story of this transformation, it was necessary to imagine an identity that would allow the Group to address its partners around the world in a cohesive way, while affirming its presence across the entire value chain of the pharmaceutical industry.

UbiPharm's agility, leadership and human approach are reflected in a new brand signature: "Health at hand, now.". Representing the Group's original business and mission, expressing its ability to deliver healthcare solutions instantly to the populations of the countries in which it operates. 

The new logo, inspired by the initials "UP", denotes the desire to constantly look towards the future and takes its origin from the shape of a heart and the medical cross of health. These symbols are the reflection of the Group's DNA and its values. It unites all UbiPharm employees and partners behind a unique and easily recognisable sign.

Discover this new identity directly on our website: ubipharm.com 

Because healthcare cannot wait, it is our daily concern. 

The UbiPharm group