UbiPharm at the student fairs in Poitiers and Limoges 01 | 01

Posted on March 26, 2024

UbiPharm at the student fairs
in Poitiers and Limoges

Representatives of UbiPharm, in particular:

Mr Bertrand GBOHO- Managing Director D.T. Pharma and Coordinator of the Group's Dromian subsidiaries,

Mr Mathieu ACQUISTO - Managing Director UbiPharm Guyane

Mr Philippe Grilh - Operations Manager PlanetPharma

and Mrs Armelle KOUAKOU - Distribution Manager PlanetPharma,

took part in two student events: the Salon des Etudiants in Poitiers and the General Meeting of the Association Nationale des Étudiants en Pharmacie de France. This participation enabled UbiPharm to meet students in the pharmaceutical professions.

Student exhibition in Poitiers - 26 March 2024

At the Salon de l'Officine 2024 held at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Poitiers, the team representing UbiPharm was present at the "Partner Village". This event, organised by the COEPP (Commission Officine des étudiants en pharmacie de Poitiers), was open to all pharmacy students at the faculty, with attendance compulsory for fourth- and fifth-year students specialising in pharmacy. During the exhibition, students had the opportunity to talk to the speakers while enjoying a convivial buffet.


ANEPF General Meeting in Rouen - 5 to 6 April 2024

The UbiPharm team was also present at the general meeting of the Association Nationale des Étudiants en Pharmacie de France (ANEPF), which was held on 5 and 6 April 2024 in Rouen.

The aim of this meeting is to educate students on a range of topics, including the future of the profession, job opportunities, additional training and current debates. It is attended by student representatives from the 24 faculties of pharmacy in France, as well as various health professionals and representatives (ministerial, national order of pharmacists, etc.).

Participation and Opportunities

At both events, UbiPharm presented its various activities and departments to the students. UbiPharm representatives were available to answer their questions and inform them about career opportunities within the company.