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Distributor of pharmaceutical products
for laboratories

Our role as a pharmaceutical distributor

A subsidiary of the UbiPharm group, PlanetPharma is specialised in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products. It is a major player in the pharmaceutical industry and an essential link in ensuring the distribution and availability of medicines in Africa and France’s overseas departments and territories. 

With its two storage platforms in France, covering 25,000 m2 and with a storage capacity of 37,000 pallets, PlanetPharma manages the distribution of over 100 pharmaceutical laboratories to 150 wholesaler-distributor customers in 23 countries across the African continent. 

These two platforms are fitted with automated equipment and devices that can perform storage and preparation operations within very short timescales, all in compliance with good distribution practices. Today, UbiPharm is able to distribute all categories of medicines, whatever their level of complexity, via all modes of transport: road, sea and air.

The advantages of UbiPharm distribution
  • For laboratories
  • A single partner and delivery point: PlanetPharma
  • Streamlining of the administrative process: a single invoicing and payment point
  • Handling of storage and distribution costs
  • Transfer of non-payment risks
  • Complete traceability with our SAP ERP software
  • Monitoring of stock and the status of customer orders via our extranet
  • Operations performed in compliance with good distribution practices
  • One month’s worth of stock in our subsidiaries
  • Management of all commercial (e.g. pricing) and pharmaceutical information
  • Access to a database
  • For customers
  • Permanent storage capacity, enabling reserve stock to be ordered, rapid preparation of customer orders and preventing stock shortages
  • Order processing in less than 5 working days
  • Provision of all documentation required for export and customs clearance of goods at destination
  • Carrying out of pre-shipment checks on site
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