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QSE and CSR actions

In recent years, UbiPharm has been ramping up work on its QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) strategy and consolidating its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach by launching numerous initiatives.


The Group's QSE actions

The acronym QSE covers everything related to Quality Safety and Environment. As such, it concerns quality management (standard ISO 9001), occupational health and safety management (standard ISO 45001), and environmental management (standard ISO 14001).

 At UbiPharm, the QSE approach is also reflected by:

Obtaining of standard ISO 9001

At UbiPharm Côte d'Ivoire, we obtained standard ISO 9001 for our continued commitment to quality. Every possible action is taken to ensure optimal quality throughout the distribution chain: regular temperature controls in the warehouse and during transport using tracers, monitoring of non-conformities as part of a continuous improvement system, pharmacovigilance, etc. We are regularly audited by multinationals representing our laboratory partners.


The UbiPharm group provides complete transparency along with all its partners for all its business activities. It is fully committed to regulatory compliance in all its areas of intervention and adheres to good practices in all its operations.

Obtaining of Authorised Economic Operator status

Thanks to its competence, professionalism and rigour in terms of service quality, PlanetPharma was assigned the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by French Customs in 2012. Recognised worldwide, this status facilitates the trade and security of the flow of goods when entering or leaving the European Union.


Ubipharm deals exclusively with external professionals or intermediaries who comply with all the economic, legal and ethical rules of the trade and profession. The UbiPharm group’s strength lies in our ability to bring together and unite our teams around a common project and the Group's philosophy. Every employee upholds our moral values and complies with the rules of ethics and good conduct on a daily basis.

Our QSE and CSR actions 02 | 02

CSR actions at

Every day, the UbiPharm group takes into account all the economic, societal and environmental risks related to its activity.

Environmental policy

In order to reduce the ecological impact of our activity, we limit the use of non-renewable raw materials, toxic substances and potential environmental pollutants. We have developed innovative systems to reduce our use of paper, such as automation, locker delivery, ordering via the extranet and the use of radio terminals. We prioritise the use of LED lighting and have optimised heating systems at our premises.

Responsible purchasing policy

The purpose of this policy is to prioritise the use of suppliers who follow a protocol to protect the environment and workers. This approach aimed at protecting the environment is also defined in the contractual documents of the Group's companies, thus formalising our decision to work with partners who share this vision. To demonstrate this choice of a committed CSR approach, we have assigned internal resources by zone, which are thus responsible for monitoring quality and examining social and environmental risks.

More eco-friendly transport

We favour the use of less polluting modes of transport (90% of our goods are transported by sea) to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, orders are grouped by wholesaler-distributor to optimise daily deliveries.

Waste prevention and management

Waste prevention and management is important to us as a corporate citizen working to ensure people’s well-being. We have therefore set up recycling and waste sorting systems in our companies.

The UbiPharm group publishes its extra-financial performance statement (DPEF) for the 2022 financial year illustrating its social responsibility.

The extra-financial performance declaration, also called DPEF, is published annually and gives stakeholders a vision of the CSR performance of the UbiPharm group. The latter reports on the policies implemented by the Group regarding environmental and societal issues.


Discover the 2022 DPEF (in French)