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The UbiPharm

Based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the UbiPharm Foundation has launched numerous actions to benefit the most vulnerable populations since 2010. It epitomises the Group's commitment to society and its values of sharing and solidarity. As a corporate citizen concerned about the health and well-being of communities, the UbiPharm Foundation strives to improve peopleís living conditions. The UbiPharm Foundation leads numerous actions on the ground, including initiatives relating to literacy, schooling, scientific research, access to drinking water, and support for local hospitals.

The Foundationís origins

As a corporate citizen, it was important for UbiPharm to work even more closely with communities by developing charitable initiatives. The Groupís objective was simple: to help the most vulnerable people and to improve their living conditions.

The Foundationís vocation

To improve peopleís living conditions by facilitating access to health care and education, while helping to protect the environment.

Origin, Vocation and Action of the Group Foundation | UbiPharm 02 | 02

The Foundation's

The UbiPharm Foundationís actions are focused on four key areas:†


The Foundation promotes education in communities, including literacy support, as well as initiatives in schools and universities, such as constructing classrooms or lecture halls, donating books and teaching materials, etc.

Scientific research

The UbiPharm Foundation actively supports scientific research with numerous programmes in Africa and Franceís overseas departments and territories. Some examples of these initiatives include the creation of a head office for an NGO working to prevent cancer in Niger, the establishment of a prize for optimising the use of medicinal plants, among many others.

Drinking water

The Foundation is also actively working to improve access to drinking water. As a result, it is involved in the construction of boreholes, wells and fountains.

Hospitals and health infrastructure

For the UbiPharm Foundation, providing support and assistance to local hospitals and other health facilities is essential. The Group donates equipment and builds infrastructure to help vulnerable populations. Each year, the committee identifies two countries that will benefit from the Foundation's support.

The value of solidarity within the UbiPharm ecosystem

The business model is designed so that each shareholder-customer-pharmacist can contribute to the Foundation's initiatives through the wholesaler-distributors who make donations directly to the Foundation. It therefore constitutes a team effort working side by side. Some actions are the result of collaborations with other organisations, such as the Red Cross and the Normandy association ANIDER