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UbiPharm, provider of
personal services

UbiPharm would like to make home health care more accessible. Therefore, the Group supports pharmacists in offering home care (M.A.D.) in the markets of Overseas France. In recent years, the home care market has become more advanced and customer demands have increased.

We provide pharmacists with products to help caregivers and family members offer the necessary treatment while customers are comfortably settled in their own homes. We provide communities with medical equipment, either for hire or sale, such as healthcare beds, wheelchairs and various accessories, with support for installation and equipment maintenance as well as tailor-made advice.

The UbiPharm group also offers a purchase and rental service to individuals, service providers and hospitals in French Guyana through its subsidiary ABC Médical.

  • Experts with proven technical and paramedical skills, ensuring professionalism, rigour, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Teams that are attentive, available, warm and caring.
  • Personalised support for better quality services, offers and performance (treatment, home care, discharge from hospital, etc.).
  • Constantly proactive and forward-looking approach to better meet people’s needs.
  • Traceability of its entire range of medical devices.
  • Provision and/or loan of equipment in case of malfunction.
  • Cleaning/disinfection of medical devices according to protocols for risk assessment and control of biological contamination.
  • After-sales service for equipment, i.e. maintenance, servicing and repair.
  • Strict compliance with the regulations in force.