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UbiPharm, supplier of generic medicines

In order to help vulnerable populations access quality health solutions at the best possible prices, we decided to launch our own brand of generic medicines: Ubigen. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-parasitics, anti-malarials, painkillers, etc. We have developed a wide range of medicine to meet the specific needs of people in Africa and Overseas France.

Ubigen’s strengths:
  • High-quality generic drugs, cheaper than originator drugs but containing the same dose of active ingredient.
  • A range of medicines created by health professionals, specially designed to treat a wide range of diseases common in Africa and Overseas France.
  • Constant availability of medicines, with no risk of stock shortages.
  • Control and traceability across the entire medicine chain, from raw materials to the destination pharmacy.
  • Compliance with international quality standards and good production and distribution practices.

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UbiPharm, supplier of parapharmaceutical products and medical devices

The Labell range from the UbiPharm group comprises more than 80 products, exclusively sold in pharmacies. It includes parapharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices such as compresses, bandages, plasters, etc. manufactured according to European standards. 

Labell’s strengths:
  • Manufacturers with CE marking, guarantee of product quality and safety.
  • Traceability across the entire supply chain, from manufacture to sales in pharmacies.