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Based in the Rouen region of France, near the Rouen and Le Havre ports, PlanetPharma is a subsidiary of the UbiPharm group approved by the ANSM, the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. 

It has dual status as a wholesale distributor for exports and a pharmaceutical depot. The subsidiary is equipped with two storage platforms which can store 37,000 pallets at controlled temperatures, with specific automated areas. The two platforms ensure service continuity in the event of an issue with one of them. 

Specialising in the import and export of pharmaceutical products, PlanetPharma is a key partner to the pharmaceutical industry, offering customised services and end-to-end solutions.

PlanetPharma is also responsible for managing regulatory affairs. 

In general terms, it provides complete solutions tailored to the specific needs of our partner laboratories.

PlanetPharma is both an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) and a customs and transport agent, so that it can carry out all its operations in-house. As such, it manages all its operations internally without the need to call on subcontractors, in compliance with good distribution practices.

It is responsible for:
  • Overseeing the import-export logistics for products, ensuring high-quality, safety and traceability throughout the process.
  • Managing distribution for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Organising the medical promotion of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical product ranges, through the expertise of its teams.
  • Conducting all activities relating to regulatory affairs, such as the registration and maintenance of marketing authorisations for drugs, in compliance with the regulations in force.
DGD PlanetPharma


The Group's commercial subsidiaries | UbiPharm 02 | 02

Also based in Grand-Quevilly in Normandy, France, D.T.Pharma organises the supply flows of UbiPharm group companies operating in France’s overseas departments and territories, particularly in Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana and Mayotte.

It is responsible for:
  • Managing the freight broker activities associated with pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.
  • Allocating the best financial and human resources to improve the teams’ management skills in the French Overseas Territories
  • Ensuring contact; monitoring and promoting laboratory and service provider partnerships with the UbiPharm subsidiaries in the French Overseas Territories
  • Optimisation of air and sea transport for UbiPharm subsidiaries in the French Overseas Territories
DG D.T.Pharma

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