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The Group's
specialist subsidiaries

Gesca: the Group’s auditing subsidiary

Gesca is the Group's auditing and control subsidiary. Located in Grand-Quevilly, France, it acts on behalf of all UbiPharm Group companies on accounting, legal, pharmaceutical, human resources, logistics and transit matters.

Its team, split between France and Côte d’Ivoire (through the company AuditPharma), is composed of:

-Management controllers,
-Accounting auditors,
-Legal experts,
- Experienced pharmacists, including the Group's Africa Director,
- A human resources specialist: the Group's HRD,
- A Director responsible for development. 

In practical terms, Gesca manages, among other things:
  • Implementation of Group procedures in the fields of accounting, law, pharmaceutics and human resources,
  • Verification of the application of these procedures through regular on-site audits and permanent remote access to local IT data,
  • Continuous training of teams in each field of expertise,
  • Organisation of intra-group seminars,
  • Support and advice on specific local issues,
  • Accounting, tax, legal and pharmaceutical monitoring,
  • Monthly reporting of key data to General Management,
  • Preparation of annual accounting and legal documents,
  • Monitoring the shareholder base,
  • Organisation of the Board of Directors and General Meetings of each entity.
Director General Gesca


The specialized subsidiaries of the Group | UbiPharm 02 | 02

DII: the IT subsidiary

The IT subsidiary of the UbiPharm group, DII is based in Saint Marcel in Normandy, France. It provides support for the Group's IT systems. Its mission is to support and promote the Group's development by providing the most efficient IT solutions possible. SAP for the PlanetPharma logistics platform, business applications for the wholesaler-distributor subsidiaries, extranet for real-time monitoring of our partners' stocks and flows, etc. Every day, DII demonstrates the Group's capacity for innovation. 

In practice, DII manages:
  • Development and roll-out of software belonging to the Group,
  • Maintenance of all software used by the Group,
  • Integration of IT solutions (ERP SAP, CRM, BI, EDM, etc.),
  • Provision of IT equipment for the Group.
Director General DII


UbiThera: the medical subsidiary

UbiThera owns the brands operated by the UbiPharm group: Ubigen and Labell. Respectively, these brands represent the generic and parapharmacy product ranges produced by the UbiPharm group. Our vocation is to ensure people have access to high quality products at the most competitive prices in the countries where we operate.

The Ubigen range

This range comprises generic medicines used in the treatment of numerous illnesses (antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.).

The Labell range

This range comprises parapharmaceutical products as well as medical devices such as compresses, bandages, plasters, etc. produced by manufacturers with the CE mark, a guarantee of product quality and safety within the European Economic Area.