The Ubipharm Group

The UBIPHARM Group was created more than 25 years ago by African Pharmacists who wanted to increase the control and safety of the medicines Distribution chain in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. The UBIPHARM Group meets all the needs of pharmaceutical product marketing in these territories thanks to all their subsidiaries established there. They thereby became a strategic partner in the pharmaceutical industry and an essential link in the Distribution of medicines in Africa.

Currently, the UBIPHARM Group consists of 17 Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies spread out in 13 West and Central African countries as well as in 4 French Overseas Departments and Regions. This network of more than 1,800 shareholding Pharmacists is the only model of this type on the continent. The sole objective is to ensure the closeness, availability and delivery of good quality medicines for patients.  

In a single word, collaborating with the UBIPHARM Group means; being affiliated with the strength of a network, an organisation and the teams that ensure growth and sustained regular performances in terms of the respect of ethical values and rules related to medicines

Key dates

  • 1991 : UBIPHARM becomes the owner of LABOREX Côte d'Ivoire
  • 1991 to 2018 : Creation of the 15 subsidiaries in Africa and the French Overseas Departments and Regions
  • 2000 : Creation of PLANETPHARMA which combines all the Group's Distribution and Logistics activities
  • 2012 : First automated agency in Ivory Coast
  • 2018 : Deployment of a fully automated warehouse of 11 500 pallets at Planetpharma in France